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Haas School of Business, Marshall Goldsmith, Peer Coaching Launch, photo by Jim Block

How do you choose the best follow up coaching program for you and your organization?

I'm going to assume you want to implement Marshall's feedforward method into your coaching program, because you want your people to focus on cultivating ideas about how to improve, rather than focus on how to analyze the past and look for who to blame for what.

Individual Coaching

When we say 'individual coaching', it really means involving the whole team.

You choose the person(s) you'd like us to coach. Let's call them the 'client'.

We'll ask the client for a list of their key stakeholders, then we'll interview the stakeholders to learn more about the client from their perspective.

Using an anonymous list of comments received, we'll help the client select one or two behaviors to improve.

With the client's manager's approval, we begin the process of follow up, feedforward, and measurement. We teach the client and stakeholders to have 5-minute feedforward sessions to support the desired change in behavior.

This helps everyone on the team to focus on creating a positive future.

This is time intensive for us, so it is the most expensive coaching option. On the other hand, we work on a pay-for-results basis, which means the stakeholders determine whether or not the client's behavior has improved. We get paid if there is measurable improvement.

Team Coaching

Do you have a group of people who could improve their performance as a team?

We can help them set goals for their team, and for themselves as individuals, all within the positive feedforward framework.

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is a great way to extend the coaching experience throughout your organization in a very cost-effective way.

We provide training that will empower your internal staff to coach each other.

We can also provide ongoing support as needed.


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