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Integrating personal values into goals and strategies to support team and organizational goals.
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Individual and Team Behavioral coaching using Marshall Goldsmith's coaching methods.


Marilyn McLeod

Marilyn has worked at all levels of organizations to streamline systems and improve employee effectiveness and job satisfaction. She especially enjoys helping individuals and teams discern their values and goals, translating them into strategies to benefit the organization's customers, ultimately benefiting everyone.

After working with her own coaching methods since 1990, she began working with Marshall Goldsmith in 2002, becoming certified to work with his coaching process after seeing the benefits and effectiveness for organizations and teams. In addition to coaching individuals and teams herself, she consults with others in Marshall's coaching network to best meet her coaching client's needs.

Marilyn has a strong background in web technology as well as human interaction and systems, broadening the range of solutions available in her coaching programs.

Marilyn has a special place in her heart for teams. She enjoys helping them find their focus, and supporting processes that help them learn to work effectively with each other.

Marilyn McLeod
Coach Marilyn



Coach Marilyn