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Ten Reasons to Use the FeedForward Tool

We can change the future. We can't change the past.
It can be more productive to help people to be "right", than to prove they were "wrong".
FeedForward is especially suited to successful people.
FeedForward can come from anyone who knows about the task. It does not require personal experience with the individual.
When people hear FeedForward, they don't take it as personally as they do when hearing feedback.
Feedback can reinforce personal stereotyping and negative self-fulfilling prophecies.
Face it! Most of us hate getting negative feedback, and we don't like to give it.
FeedForward can cover almost all of the same "material" as feedback.
FeedForward tends to be much faster and more efficient than feedback.
FeedForward can be a useful tool to apply with managers, peers and team members.

Coach Marilyn