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Tour of the Assessment and Coaching Process

1) Complete the online FeedForward assessment.

2) Initial coaching session to review results (with team and/or individual).

3) Choose one or two areas for improvement.

4) Choose coaching method to support changes desired.

You may choose the level of support according to your organization's needs and budget.

Marilyn can help you determine whether The Marshall Goldsmith FeedForward Assessment Tool can help your organization, and if so, where to begin.

Once you know how many assessment codes you'll need for your first phase, you may either order that initial package online, or contact Marilyn to set up additional discounts to include future buys.

Once we have set up your online account, the personnel selected to complete the assessments can easily access The Marshall Goldsmith FeedForward Tool online using their individual access codes.

You will receive the results via email within a day after each assessment has been completed. Talk to Marilyn about where these results are to be delivered.

If you choose the package that includes an initial coaching session to review results, Marilyn will meet with those in your organization to clarify the findings, and provide direction regarding which items might bring the most benefit to your organization if they were improved.

Following these coaching sessions, Marilyn will meet with the person in your organization who coordinates this process to determine the next step, whether rallying resources in-house, assembling the right mix of external coaches, or a combination of both.

Throughout the entire process, Marilyn will be available to answer questions and provide additional information as needed, to maximize the benefits of your experience with The Marshall Goldsmith FeedForward Tool.


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